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About The Club

The Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club, Inc. (HOTLRC) is a sanctioned AKC breed club for Labrador Retrievers, founded in 1998 and based in Austin.

HOTLRC holds an annual Labrador Specialty show, conformation matches, hunt tests, working certificate tests for hunting ability, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests, eye clinics, and other events for those interested in the Labrador Retriever breed.


All members who breed have agreed to do so responsibly.  Under no circumstances does the HOTLRC offer any guarantee on behalf of any member. 

HOTLRC proudly supports Labrador rescue through the Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. 

General Meetings provide the opportunity for members to participate in club activities and business, as well as learn more about what our wonderful Labs can do.   

Officers for 2021-2022

President:  Starkey Green
Vice President: Wendy Knox
Treasurer: Robert Leonard
Secretary:  Stacey Green

Board of Directors

Susan Leonard

Candice  Young

Al Knox

Lia Gordon

Brittany Flannery


Show Chair: Wendy Knox

Membership Chair: Brittany Flannery

Hunting Chair:  Susan Malone

Obedience Committee: TBA

Website: Stacey Green

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