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Labradors are playful and intelligent, with a warm, friendly temperament that makes them ideal family companions, which has made the Labrador America's number 1 breed for many years.


 "Versatility, stable temperament, friendliness, trainability, and athleticism are just a few of the wonderful qualities that make the Labrador the most popular breed."   

They adore being around their family and usually have a patient personality.   They like young children and other animals, like a good game of fetch, enjoy a swim and chasing tennis balls.    Their energy level can vary from dog to dog, but they do need some exercise to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally.  They live to serve, which is why they adapt well to training and make exceptional service and therapy dogs.   The Labrador’s easy going, tolerant temperament and love of water are hallmarks of the breed,

Most Labradors have an inborn urge to retrieve things. This is often reflected in their fondness for carrying things around in their mouths and even chewing things up. The basic urge to chase and pick things up is of course a result of generations of breeding for the Labrador Retrievers’ original purpose.  

They are a breed that, with proper training and lots of love, can do most anything.

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