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HOTLRC is proud to offer three awards, specifically targeted at recognizing individual Labrador Retrievers and their breeders, owners, and handlers for accomplishments in diverse venues representative of the versatility of our breed. To earn the these awards, dogs must have earned titles in multiple venues, proving that they are indeed, versatile. To be eligible, dogs must be AKC registered and the owner must be a HOTLRC member.  

HOTLRC awards will be annual but the titles do not have to be all earned in the same year and they will be cumulative.

The owner applies for a Versatility Award by completing the Versatility Award Application and returning it to the Versatility Award Coordinator by July 1. The “Award Year” follows HOTLRCs fiscal year and it runs from June 30th through July 1st.  For the first year of the program, the award year will include previously earned qualifying titles and run through June 30th, 2024.  The dog to be awarded must be alive at the time of application for the award and the owner must apply for the highest award level the dog is eligible for.   All qualifying Venues and Titles will be either LRC or AKC recognized titles.

Versatility Award achievement will be recognized by a formal letter, the presentation of a commemorative item, and by announcement at a HOTLRC Club Meeting or Event.  In addition, all award recipients will have their name published on the HOTLRC website that calendar year.  

The HOTLRC is proud to recognize the achievements of our wonderful breed, their dedicated owners, and to celebrate the versatility of the best breed on earth - the Labrador Retriever.


Dog must have earned ONE title in one of the qualified venues.  


Dog must have earned TWO (2) titles in two of the qualified venues.  


Dog must have earned THREE (3) titles in three of the qualified venues.  

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