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Dock Diving

What is Dock Diving?

Dock diving is a combination of sprinting, leaping, and swimming. Dogs zoom down a platform before leaping into a body of water to retrieve a high-reward toy. The pup that launches themselves the longest distance or the highest before making a splash wins the competition.

It’s a great mental and physical workout for any water-loving dog, providing a safe space to chase and retrieve. Dock diving also provides you and your dog the chance to meet other dock diving enthusiasts and their pups.

The first competitive dock diving event took place in 1998, as part of Purina®'s Incredible Dog Challenge. Scooter, a yellow Lab, clinched the title that year when he leaped an impressive 20 feet off the dock and into the small lake.

Can All Dogs Dock Dive?

You don’t have to have a competitive bone to try dock diving, and no pup is too senior to enjoy the sport. The minimum age to compete is 6 months and many competitions will have a special heat for dogs 8 years and older. Or, you may choose to leisurely dock dive with your dog.

Competitive handlers can be as young as 5 years old when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on the dock. Once a handler turns 7, they can cue their dog to retrieve from the dock on their own.


Labrador Retrievers love the water so this is a really fun sport to do with your dog.   If you want to know more about it, email us and we can connect you with a club member who enjoys dock diving and can get your started.  


Getting Involved in Dog Diving Competitions

First, find a dock diving club near you as well as your local Labrador Club and find out what members you can learn from.   

Read more about this fun sort at NADD. 

Check out these HELPFUL LINKS.

NADD and DockDogs both host regional and national competitions. To qualify for these events, your dog will need to earn a certain number of points at club events. Heats, or waves, are organized by your dog’s size and age.

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