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Find a Labrador

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When a person decides to get a Labrador, no doubt they have the best intentions to find one from a quality source.  There are many factors that play into the decision: price, type, temperament, health and many more.   


So, you've decided a Lab is the right dog for you?   There are a couple of ways to select a new dog/puppy.   A good breeder is your best resource for your new family member for his or her whole life. The breeder should be knowledgeable about their dogs and their breeding program and should be able to provide you with appropriate health clearances.   Please take the time to discuss all of these with anyone you consider getting a dog from.   A Labrador is a lifelong companion and can be diverse in its athleticism, trainability, drive and energy level.  It is important to make sure this new addition is well thought out, planned for and suits your needs and wants.   Spending the time to do the research will help you find the perfect fit. 

You can find the HOTLRC members who breed below.

Some may have puppies, adults or retired dogs available.  

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